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The Best Ghostwriter and Book Editing Service

Novels and Non-Fiction Books,
Book Proposals, Screenplays,
Editing, Rewriting, Polishing

The truth of the matter is that many professional writers supplement their income by ghostwriting projects for others. Until now it's been one of the best kept secrets in publishing and finding a reliable and experienced ghostwriter has been a matter of knowing the right person or blind luck. Not anymore.

Founded by Ronald J. Watkins, Watkins & Associates has become the Internet's premier ghostwriting agency. With a staff of outstanding, experienced professional writers, it offers a wide selection of talent for transforming your project or dream into reality. Your confidentiality when you use one of our ghostwriters is always assured.

The use of ghostwriters is more widespread than you might imagine. "On any given week, up to a half of any nonfiction best-seller list is written by someone other than the name on the book," declared the New York Times in a 1997 article that examined the reality of ghostwritten books. "Add those authors who feel enough latent uneasiness to bury the [ghost] writer's name in the acknowledgments and the percentage, according to one agent, reaches as high as 80."

Perhaps you have a true story that needs telling. You may have suffered an injustice and require a ghostwriter to work with you, to walk you through the process of gathering the necessary information. The ghostwriter will then turn your story into a professionally written book.

Watkins & Associates also allows you to enhance your career by becoming a published author. We can produce a how-to book based on the information you provide, one with your name on it. Our ghostwriters can write about your business or career, giving you that added boast.

If there is a novel burning within you but you don't have the time or way with words to write it, we have ghostwriters who can. If you've lead, or survived, an extraordinary life, this is your opportunity to document it.

Watkins & Associates is not a writing mill. We will ghostwrite your book, in your style, to the extent possible. We do not force you into a set formula. We can turn your idea into a complete novel or screenplay. Our ghostwriters can rework, edit and polish your existing book or screenplay into a superior work. Though we are able to satisfy a wide variety of ghostwriting needs we do not work on short stories, articles or genre intensive novels.

This is your opportunity to complete your book, to tell your story, satisfy your dream of becoming a writer or get your project off the ground and in finished form. Your greatest enemy is delay. Contact us and see how little it can cost.

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